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The BAFID organisation employs innovative tools and technology, and experts work in professional programmes that employ BIM (Building Information Modelling) technologies.

A 3D model of any object developed by the company’s professionals comprises information encompassing all phases of a building’s life cycle, from design to demolition.

A unique technology is used to accurately survey existing things and optimise design and survey work – the Faro 3D scanner, which allows you to incorporate the generated spatial model into the BIM model of the complete object. At all stages of design and construction, the exclusive equipment gives the most exact survey of any terrain or space. Scanning and establishing a three-dimensional snapshot of an object’s current condition allows the company’s engineers to work with accurate three-dimensional data regarding the complete object, both internally and externally.

The company’s fundamental ethos is to design in harmony with nature. Volume-spatial and engineering solutions are aimed at developing objects that adhere to sustainable architecture principles. The usage of energy-saving devices also helps to create a pleasant and comfortable living environment.

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