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About us

The BAFID corporation was founded in 2005, with operations across the Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia.

The company’s specialists complete a full cycle of work from concept to completion, including design, construction and finalisation as well as the creation of interior spaces and furniture incorporating the most modern materials and technologies according to original sketches along with a significant amount of handmade work by artists in painting, furniture, and textiles.

Furthermore, the company has highly qualified personnel and extensive experience in the repair and reconstruction of historical and cultural heritage places.
More than 200 professionals are constantly employed by the company, including unique specialists in the domains of architecture, engineering, furniture, and landscape design, as well as painters and restorers in many sectors of art.

Each and every unique design product for the objects are made in our own wood, marble, and textile studios.

The company believes it is paramount to promote premium architecture of great taste with consistent quality in every detail. The characteristics of environment and climate, as well as the culture of the country where the object is being built, are always taken into account during the design process. We can achieve the best outcomes by combining tradition and modernity in the use of innovative technologies and materials.

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