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All one-of-a-kind design goods for created objects are embodied in our own workshops.

The woodworking studio, which has been in operation since the founding of the company, enables our designers to produce the most relevant and comfortable furniture parts utilising expensive and rare wood and other materials. Individually designed furniture allows you to create unique furniture collections that mirror the most recent worldwide trends.

Marble items are a separate direction in the company’s work. Material for designer items is sourced from all around the world, with strict quality and external attributes standards. Our houses’ internal and external spaces are decorated with unique designs and uncommon colour combinations.

It is hard to create a cosy and comfortable living environment without a diverse choice of textile products. The BAFID HOME textile division is a vast manufacturing complex with weaving and sewing workshops for the production of bed and bath accessories, linen, high-quality blankets and pillows, mattresses, carpets, and other premium home textiles.

The distinctive BAFID HOME collections imply maximum comfort and consistent high quality of all products based on particular BAFID designs developed in partnership with the world’s leading companies.

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