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In a variety of climatic and natural settings, a skilled team with many years of experience develops incredibly complicated items. The adoption of cutting-edge technical solutions ensures consistent comfort and convenience of usage.

Engineering systems are designed in a single SMART HOME system, making the operating process more convenient and comprehensible for both customers and technical staff.

All company buildings are equipped with an advanced building management system BMS (Building Management System), which saves energy consumption and guarantees that all life support systems operate reliably. When this system is installed and connected, it becomes feasible to create specific temperature and time scenarios, allowing you to maximise efficiency and minimise irrational equipment consumption. Furthermore, this system enables the monitoring, optimisation, and predictive (based on external weather data) control of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system’s functions.

The preservation and maintenance of environmental balance is the most essential duty of the current architectural and building sector. Due to comprehensive control and recycling cycles of materials, the unique control systems for engineering networks and equipment utilised by the company’s professionals allow for the most efficient use of natural resources.

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